Your Birthday Matters!

"Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you."
-Amy Leigh Mercree

Intuitive Carol
Specialties: Love Compatibility
Birthday Psychic
Career and Finance Psychic
Career Consulatation
Soul and Spiritual Challenge
Purpose and Destiny
Guidance Counselor
Tools: Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Empath, Channeling, Spirit Guide Messages
Reading Style: Patient, Non judgmental, Compassionate, Wise.

Recent Testimonials

“Carol picks up on the entire situation instantly. She has a gift to intuitively know how to delve, to get to the depth of your issue and offers you practical, spiritual and psychological advice.” – J.A. Mumbai, India

“Carol Olivia is honest, accurate, non judgemental and intelligent. Her intuition is truly a gift.m She does not give up until you become fulfilled with your question. She is the real deal.” – Dr T. San Francisco, CA

Carol helps you to discover your truest self in order to navigate your questions. She is a gem and you will not be disappointed. Try her” – L.M. Toronto, Canada

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My personal philosophy is to offer an honest answer to your question. My duty is to offer you the truth of what I feel, while supporting and encouraging you to release hurtful feelings from the past. I want you to live a fulfilling, heartfelt life, prosperous in all ways and enriched with self love.

“Carol is truly gifted and a blessing to talk to. She helps you understand yourself with no judgement, only love. You will have your answers! Carol is a wise soul. Accuracy is her forte.” – A.K. Vancouver, WA

“There are no words to describe this lady. She gives you her all. Carol is concerned about you, compassionate and so patient! She will listen to you with not an ounce of judgement. She is an angel and her wings are golden.” – R.G. Sydney Australia


Carol is an intuitive with over 25 years experience and has an international clientele.
At a very early age, Carol was fascinated with birthdays and realized how important it is for the understanding of the person in all aspects of their life.
Are you totally aware of who you are?
Do you realize how special you are to the world?
Do you know the zodiac sign of your ideal mate and how can you learn more about the mate qualities that would be best for a healthy relationship?
Can you trust your mate or can they easily lie?
What kind of love is ideal for you; romantic, intellectual, emotional or physical?
Will you both be compatible physically?
What makes you feel secure with yourself?
How can you navigate a friend, family member or work associate so that there is less friction and more understanding?
Carol also works in group settings to create more harmony and respect. All birthdays are sacred and yours is special to the world. Become more confident, self empowered, and proud of exactly who you are.
Carol will counsel you all the way, delve into your blockages, and heal your past. She uses your full birthday, the tarot deck and channels upon your request.

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"You did what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better"
-Maya Angelou


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